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The pressure is on in California. The attendance rates of high school graduates going directly into college will rise to 61 percent by 2025, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. To meet its economic demand for college-educated candidates in the workforce, the state must make higher learning more available to non-traditional students. If not, the Institute predicts a dire shortage – more than a million people – of workers without the necessary education to assume jobs by 2025. The U.S. Census Bureau found in 2012 that 30.2 percent of Californians age 25 or higher have completed bachelor’s degrees. Can the state keep up? Online schools can make all the difference.

You’ll find an exceptionally strong network of online learning in the Golden State. California online colleges are not restricted solely to schools that uniquely offer full-time academic programs via the Web. Many existing brick-and-mortar colleges now offer blended on-campus and Web courses as well as 100 percent online degree programs. Hybrid programs allow you to attend on-site events, while you arrange your classwork and lectures online around your busy work and family commitments. And the student commitment to California online schools is about to get even stronger.

The New York Times reports that Gov. Jerry Brown and the California legislature view online learning as a solution to over-crowded college classrooms and are pressuring colleges and universities to accept online courses completed at other schools to be transferred as credits. Moreover, in-demand campus courses that are bursting at the seams may soon offer online alternatives that give course credit and offer the same academic programs.

The California Virtual Campus cites 16,000 courses with 1,200 degree programs at 167 accredited institutions in the Golden State. California is home to 112 community colleges, 23 state colleges and universities, nine campuses in the University of California system, and more than 75 independent schools. The extensive offerings at California online schools can provide a seat for you (at your home, workplace or internet café) when the other colleges have only long waiting lists for the classes you need.

To help you make informed decisions about your higher education Online Schools California has created listings of the top online colleges in California. You can compare programs by size, enrollment, subject and type.

Online Schools in California: 5 Fantastic Benefits

Is distance learning right for you? California’s beaches, mountains and lakes are constantly calling, as are recreational and cultural distractions galore. Add a family and a hectic work schedule to the mix and it’s a wonder that students manage to attend classes at all. But to get that first job or get your promotion – or change careers entirely – school is the best option for success. Let’s look at the reasons that the asynchronous, flexible class schedule set by California online colleges makes sense for busy adults.

  1. School Is in Session, Right Now

    Online colleges in California offer classes that meet wherever you are, whenever you want it. When juggling the busy parts of your life, it’s great to have 24/7 access to your degree or certification program. Log on to courses, lectures, exams, and discussion groups from any device at any enabled location. Use a smart phone, desktop PC or tablet at home or on the go to keep pace with learning. You get to choose the best program to fit your career needs without worrying where it’s located.

  2. Eliminate Commuting Forever

    Some Californians live in their cars. You don’t have to. When you enroll in online schools in California, you avoid the cost and wear and tear of freeway driving – and there are no parking fees to pay. You’ll save on babysitters, too. You’ll also save a fortune in gas, moving vans, and relocation costs. Of course, with online learning, you can’t use heavy traffic or other excuses for missing your lectures, presentations and exams! Self-paced programs at California online schools put the responsibility on you to create routines for keeping up.

  3. Build Lifelong Professional and Personal Communities

    Are California online colleges isolating by nature? Hardly. Graduates typically remark on the strong connections they make with faculty, peers, and employers through online degree or certification programs. The faculty at online schools in California insists on student collaboration. Whether you’re creating a report on history or rounding up technical data for an engineering course, you’ll work in student teams to conduct research and create reports and presentations. Students use email, chat, and video communication tools to keep in touch, coordinate work, and share notes at California online schools. You’ll build a network of mentors and peers in the field that serve you through your entire career.

  4. Freedom to Express Yourself at Online colleges in California

    You know how it is: the smarty’s sit up front and take copious notes while the goof-offs crack jokes in the back of the classroom. It’s just not that way in online learning. California online colleges won’t let you hide behind the tall guy in front of your desk. Moreover, you’re free to speak in discussion threads or real-time conversations without being self-conscious about your appearance or performance. In short, you get to be yourself.

  5. Improve on the Fly

    California online colleges offer career-oriented degree programs that make sense in the workplace. You can use challenges at your current job as problems to solve in the classroom. Employers see your progress and contributions immediately as you implement your new training in the office. You’ll find programs that benchmark your skills and lead to professional certifications that can lead to promotions. Some employers even offer tuition reimbursement programs that reward employees for adding new skills and work-related abilities.

Use our tools on this page to find just the right program to fit your educational requirements without compromising your daily commitments to work and family.

Top Online Colleges in California

School Name Program Types Enrollment
Abraham Lincoln University Campus, Online
Academy of Art University Campus, Online 18,093
Advanced College Campus, Online 193
Allan Hancock College Campus, Online 10,955
Alliant International University Campus, Online, Hybrid 3,998
Allied American University Campus, Online 724
American River College Campus, Online 31,750
Azusa Pacific Online University Campus, Online 72
Azusa Pacific University Campus, Online 9,929
Biola University Campus, Online 6,251
Brandman University Campus, Online 6,763
Bristol University Campus, Online 16
Bryan University Campus, Online 994
California Baptist University Campus, Online 5,413
California College-San Diego Campus, Online 1,455
California Institute of Integral Studies Campus, Online 1,423
California Lutheran University Campus, Online 4,103
California State University-Chico Campus, Online 15,920
California State University-East Bay Campus, Online 13,160
California State University-Fresno Campus, Online 21,981
California State University-Fullerton Campus, Online 36,156
Cambridge Junior College-Yuba City Campus, Online 173
Career Networks Institute Campus, Online 671
Carrington College California-Antioch Campus, Online, Hybrid 391
Carrington College California-Citrus Heights Campus, Online, Hybrid 520
Carrington College California-Emeryville Campus, Online, Hybrid 205
Carrington College California-Pleasant Hill Campus, Online, Hybrid 399
Carrington College California-Sacramento Campus, Online, Hybrid 1,283
Carrington College California-San Jose Campus, Online, Hybrid 711
Carrington College California-San Leandro Campus, Online, Hybrid 611
Carrington College California-Stockton Campus, Online, Hybrid 416
Cogswell College Campus, Online 288
Coleman University Campus, Online 821
Concordia University-Irvine Campus, Online 3,251
Cosumnes River College Campus, Online 14,796
DeVry University-California Campus, Online, Hybrid 10,149
Dominican University of California Campus, Online 2,278
Empire College School of Business Campus, Online 536
Everest College-Alhambra Campus, Online, Hybrid 560
Everest College-Anaheim Campus, Online, Hybrid 664
Everest College-City of Industry Campus, Online, Hybrid 980
Everest College-Gardena Campus, Online, Hybrid 569
Everest College-Hayward Campus, Online, Hybrid 263
Everest College-LA Wilshire Campus, Online, Hybrid 302
Everest College-Ontario Campus, Online, Hybrid 746
Everest College-Ontario Metro Campus, Online, Hybrid 1,089
Everest College-Reseda Campus, Online, Hybrid 746
Everest College-San Bernardino Campus, Online, Hybrid 755
Everest College-San Francisco Campus, Online, Hybrid 349
Everest College-Santa Ana Campus, Online, Hybrid 456

other online colleges in California

School Name Program Types Enrollment
Everest College-West Los Angeles Campus, Online, Hybrid 436
Fashion Careers College Campus, Online, Hybrid 97
FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles Campus, Online 4,419
FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Diego Campus, Online 245
FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Francisco Campus, Online 875
Fielding Graduate University Campus, Online 1,360
Folsom Lake College Campus, Online 8,581
Fremont College Campus, Online 406
Fresno Pacific University Campus, Online 3,568
Fuller Theological Seminary in California Campus, Online 2,958
Golden Gate University-San Francisco Campus, Online 3,561
Hope International University Campus, Online 1,365
Horizon College San Diego Campus, Online 49
ICDC College Campus, Online 4,350
InterCoast Colleges-Orange Campus, Online 232
Janus University Campus, Online
John F Kennedy University Campus, Online 1,443
John Paul the Great Catholic University Campus, Online 169
King’s University Campus, Online 456
LA College International Campus, Online 682
Laurus College Campus, Online 427
Life Pacific College Campus, Online 599
Loma Linda University Campus, Online 4,455
Loyola Marymount University Campus, Online 9,352

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