Online Schools in California – Associates

Furthering your education by completing a Associate degree will pave the path to more income and a sucessful career. California students who further their education by attaining a Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree can dramatically increase their salary. Employees in California with a Associate degree earn an average income of $35,643 per year. This translates into 15% more than people with a high school, or an extra $300,000 over a 40 year career. Additionally, completing a Associate degrees program can help you find your way down a path to a higher paying new career.

As todays job markets evolves, you need to keep competitive with people who continue their education and compete with you for job openings. During 2008, 97,010 California residents were awarded with Associate degrees. Currently, approximately 29.4% of the California population has a Bachelor degree or higher level degree. If reaching for increased salary levels, you need to further your education and stay marketable in today’s competitive workforce. Achieving the next degree level will help you land the new job you have been eyeing, learn more skills, and bring home a bigger paycheck.

What is the best process to get a Associate degree, and what schools or colleges offer programs online to residents of California? As online and hybrid (online and campus) programs have emerged, there are now more options for you to attain a higher level of education. Achieving a Associate degree usually takes about 1-2 years to finish. The length of time to complete your degree depends on the program specifics, the number of credits completed per semester or quarter, and your educational background. You can attain a Associate degree in a variety of subjects, including: Computer Science, Animation, Healthcare Management, Wellness, Exercise, and Nutrition, Early Childhood Education.

Getting a degree does take a commitment, but today, degree programs are more flexible to meet your needs. Many schools now offer full time or part time accredited online degree programs so you can attain your degree quickly and balane your education with your personal commitments.

The school listings below offer flexible on campus and online Associate degrees to California students looking to further their education. Act today, request more information today.