Education and Teaching in California

In recent years there has been a shift toward reducing the number of teachers in schools and increasing responsibility on these instructors. This, however, has been met with dissatisfaction and the trend is now moving toward growing the employment opportunities for skilled teachers and improving the occupational environment for these professionals. In California the teaching sector is experiencing consistent growth, and the Department of Education is encouraging the pursuit of these positions by individuals passionate about providing a quality, attentive education to the next generation of Americans.

Those that are already teaching are hearing the call of this sector and seeking to increase their areas of specialization as to provide even further services and attention to students, parents, and others involved in the field of education.


Potential Careers

A career in education does not just mean being a classroom teacher, or even working in a specific school. There are many other opportunities available to those who seek training in the field of Education. Depending on your area of interest you can pursue one of many capacities that bring you into interaction with students, parents, other faculty, and even adults furthering their education.

Some of the capacities that you can pursue in the field of Education and Teaching include: teachers, pre-school teachers, teaching assistants, principals, specialists in early childhood development, health instructors, school administrators, special education coordinators, special education teachers, academic coordinators, daycare center administrators, daycare teachers, school system music teachers, guidance counselors, and physical education instructors.

Each of these capacities calls for a different set of skills and requires specific dedication and attention to responsibilities and fulfillment of educational goals for the students involved in the educational environment in which you choose to work. The state of California demands excellence from those that choose to work in the field of education, meaning that the job market has become competitive and demanding. If you are interested in entering this field you must actively pursue your education and training to ensure you can meet the stringent requirements of the sector.


Building a Career in Education and Teaching in California

There are over 10, 200 schools across the state of California, representing an enrollment of over 6 million students. With a population that is always growing the state anticipates a continual increase in the need for qualified educational personnel to meet the various needs of students and their families within the sector.

The main capacity within the field of Education is teaching. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a teacher you must first decide what age group and subjects you wish to teach. This will guide you toward the type of education and training you will need in order to meet the certification requirements of the state. It is important that you meet the state-specific licensing specifications in order to seek employment in California.


Employment Statistics

Teachers in California are the highest paid in the nation. Your earning potential will rely not only on the area in which you choose to teach but also the level that you will teach and the subject. Generally, the more complex a topic, and the older the students (with the exception of adult education), the higher the earning potential.

There are approximately 47,100 preschool teachers in the state of California. These teachers earn an average annual salary of $32, 380. Preschool teachers who specifically work with special education students can expect to earn more.

Kindergarten teachers represent 21,560 professionals in the state. These teachers earn an average of $61, 150 annually, with special education teachers earning slightly more.

There are approximately 149, 090 elementary school teachers in the state of California. These teachers earn an average of $65, 660 per year. Generally “elementary school” refers to grades 1 through 5, though some areas may include the sixth grade as well.

Middle school teachers make up 52, 780 of the total number of teachers in the sector. These teachers make an average of $64, 880 per year. This generally covers grades 6, 7, and 8, though some schools also include grade 9 in this span.

The number of secondary school teachers is incredibly high in comparison to others, coming in at just over 103,000 teachers. These teachers earn an average annual salary of $65, 620.

Just as with preschool and kindergarten teachers, special education teachers within elementary, middle, and secondary schools having slightly higher earning potential. Despite the seemingly high numbers of teachers, there is still a need for talented and passionate individuals to enter the field of Education and Teaching. Each of these teachers has the ability to make a tremendous difference in the world.