Top 20 Education Professors in California

Education Professor from an Online College in California

Faculty in education and teaching programs in California lead the way in helping tomorrow’s teachers understand the depth of educational challenges and the need for innovative solutions.

Our collection of top education professors in California includes educators and world experts recognized for lifetime achievements in teaching and teacher-training. You’ll also find professors relatively new to the field, who already have demonstrated great academic prowess in their research or classroom teaching. Many began the long road to their professorships in elementary or secondary classrooms throughout the state. Each has demonstrated a profound commitment to producing curriculum and fresh teachers that will take their roles in educating the next generation of Californians.

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Adrianna Kezar University of Southern California

Her 14 books and over 200 journal articles and chapters have helped to make Dr. Kezar part of the national education landscape. She became part of the USC faculty in in 2003.

Angela Booker University of California, Davis

Dr. Booker’s research interests include media and technology in education, parent advocacy, and qualitative research methods. She was A Council on Anthropology and Education Presidential Fellow, 2010.

Carlos Alberto Torres University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Torres is a well-known scholar on Latin American education, the effects of globalization on K-12 education, and social justice. He currently undertakes intensive scholarship on comparative international education.

Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner California State University, Sacramento

Dr. Turner is the President-Elect of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE). She began her education in a small, rural California community and has served as a professor of higher education for over twenty years. Previously, she was the recipient of 2009 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Scholars of Color in Education Distinguished Career Contribution Award.

Cynthia Park San Diego State University

Dr. Park serves as executive director, SDSU Pre-College Institute. She leads and mentors teams of students who research new methods of serving at-risk youth.

Daniel Solórzano University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Solórzano serves as Director of the University of California All Campus Consortium on Research for Diversity. The AERA honor recognizes “advancement of social justice through research.”

Greg Duncan University of California, Irvine

Irvine’s Dr. Duncan previously served as the Edwina S. Tarry Professor in the School of Education and Social Policy and Faculty Affiliate in the Institute for Policy Research. His interests are in the fields of education and welfare policy reform.

Heidi Ballard University of California, Davis

In receiving the Hellman Family Foundation fellowship, Dr. Ballard was recognized among faculty “who exhibit potential for great distinction in their research”. Her interests include environmental education, in-service and pre-service teacher learning, and citizen science.

Jose Lalas University of Redlands

Dr. Lalas’ research focus is on cultural literacy and social justice. He earned his PhD in Reading/Language Arts/Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Washington

Kathleen Fletcher Bacer Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Bacer is a full professor and creator/director of the Online Master of Arts in Educational Technology program at APU. Her research and leadership includes connecting effective teaching pedagogy to diverse learning styles, implementation of emergent technologies, and nurturing and sustaining dynamic online learning communities.

Kenneth Goldberg National University

Dr. Goldberg received his Cite honors is recognition of his contributions to online learning. His program that fosters student collaborations has become the university model.

Linda Darling-Hammond Stanford University

Dr. Darling-Hammond received the volunteer service prize in part for recognition of her founding the Stanford Educational Leadership Institute. She is also the founder of the School Redesign Network.

Rodney T. Ogawa University of Southern California

Dr. Ogawa is Professor of Education and Director of the Center for Educational Research in the Interest of Underserved Students (CERIUS) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His current research focuses on development and retention of teachers of color.

Sandra Mayo Azusa Pacific University

Assistant professor of education, Dr. Mayo’s focus is on diversity in learning and teaching. Previous to joining the APU faculty, she was Assistant Director for the Community Engagement Center at Pitzer College.

Stephanie Biagetti California State University, Sacramento

Dr. Biagetti is an Associate Professor in the College of Education – Teaching Credentials. Her specialty is in Linked Learning, an innovative approach to secondary schooling that prepares students for college and career simultaneously through a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum.

Steve Johnson Santa Clara University

Dr. Johnson serves as the Director of Character Education at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. He developed the program of integrating ethics into the standardized language arts curriculum in California.

Susan Holloway University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Holloway has been recognized as a specialist in education and parenting in Japan. She researched the country’s early childhood education system while on her Fulbright Scholarship.

Susan Tracz California State University, Fresno

Dr. Tracz serves as coordinator of graduate programs at the Kremen School of Education & Human Development. Her expertise is in the fields of educational reform and statistical research methodology,

Suzy Thomas Saint Mary’s College of California

Dr. Thomas is an expert on the challenging educational issues of serving students who are victims of abuse, bullying, or who have mental disorders. The ARNA Conference features international and bilingual educators.

Tobin White University of California, Davis

Dr. White conducts research on the use of technology in the teaching of mathematics — and in all learning. He formerly was a high school mathematics teacher.